A blustery fall day calls for indoor projects...

A blustery fall day calls for indoor projects...

In western Washington this weekend we had a huge windstorm complete with a couple of lightning strikes that reminded us how grateful we are for electricity, wood stoves and our connection to YOU! 

We were amazed at the force of the wind, and witnessed the trees' ability to be flexible  to a point- a couple of downed trees knocked out the power for a few hours to the neighborhood.  The ground's "as full as a sponge" right now.

The lights went out and that led us to look for candles and flashlights and check batteries, which led to cleaning and reorganizing the furniture which in turn led to bringing out all the artwork we have been stashing into the cabinet for the past year and a half. Once all your stuff is out in one place, you can put the things that make sense together and see what you have (and what you don't need).  I think I probably should have learned that in kindergarten.  :-) Now, we have all our art supplies in bins and we can pull them out when it's time to do artwork and when we're done they've got a spot to go. 

Next stop the closet- every year at this time when I was a kid we used to pull the "winter clothes" out of the attic and try on everything from the year before. The hand me downs were handed down and the peeps who got taller got new clothes. I just got a bag of clothes from my sister, so it's time to move out the old.

Finally, we're going to the thrift store to drop off what we don't need. Wow, I forgot how spacious our house is when everything's in it's place!