Holiday Time Stressing You Out? Holy Mama!

Hi Folks,

Marc here from Sister Sage Herbs. During holiday time we like to talk about herbs that can be beneficial to you to get you through the sometimes stressful season. I love talking about adaptogenic herbs, but specifically Holy Basil. (or Tulsi)  I am going to reference herbalist David Winston from his book: Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, & Stress Relief." P168 "Holy Basil is classified as a rasayana, an herb that nourishes a person's growth to perfect health and promotes long life. For perhaps three thousand years, holy basil has been considered one of India's most powerful herbs." He goes on to say "Today we know this versatile plant is an adaptogen with antioxidant, neuroprotective, stress reducing, and radioprotective (protective against the damaging effects of ionizing radiation) effects. I use our Holy Mama tincture for my own stress, specifically anticipatory anxiety. It's my everyday go to tincture. I just love it- hope you do to!

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