Plants, Trees, & Animals of Olympic National Park

Plants, Trees, & Animals of Olympic National Park

Hi Folks,

We just got back from an incredible adventure along the East Fork of the Quinault River. Most people refer to this place as "Enchanted Valley." In our newest podcast episode we are discussing different medicinal plants, animals, and the spectacular trees found in this lush river valley.

Thanks to FDR making the valley part of the national park, this sacred land was saved from the loggers 100 years ago. A tiny slice of pristine wilderness preserved for us to enjoy. There are massive old growth trees everywhere!  Huge ferns that are ten feet tall and moss covered maples were a sight to behold. Have a look for yourself. I wanted to include lots of photos so you can see how magical this place is!


In this photo if you look closely, you can see a black bear. He was a good distance away, but upon further inspection a huge animal!

Here's a nice example of the devils club...