Sister Sage Genesis NFT on Tezos!

Sister Sage Genesis NFT on Tezos!

Hi folks!

Wishing you health and happiness in 2023! Some big news...We just minted our first NFT!  We are using the eco friendly Tezos blockchain to create an NFT ecosystem that is dedicated to educating people about plant medicine, building community, reversing climate change, and having fun doing it! My NFT project is an effort to use Tezos to offset carbon by planting trees, and many different plants on my farm, and perhaps in your backyard or garden? The project utilities will include opportunities to have trees planted in your honor, land restoration projects, you could sponsor an herb, or maybe you want to collect herb pairs for special airdrops. Hint hint. More will be revealed as we go...Here's the link to the NFT:

SIster Sage Genesis NFT Drop

If you know nothing about NFTs or blockchain technology and would like to learn more, feel free to ask me questions.