Snow Day = Self Care Day

Winter Solstice Snow in Seattle
Sometimes life says stay home and snuggle up with a nice cup of tea next to the fire! I made some hawthorn, oats and clover tea and it is delicious!

Footprints in the snow from our neighbor kitty- pathway to the catnip plants!

My hope for you is that during the rest of year you can fit just a little more self care into each day. Since I use my body most days for work, I am going to spend some of my self care time in the form of meditation and breathing exercises.  I usually start out the new year with a January 30 days of yoga challenge, but also I want to create a ritual around getting ready for my day with a quick meditation and moment of gratitude.
I am reminded daily how privileged I am to be working with the plants and in nature for my livelihood. I want to thank you for you support through the years!