Dispatches From The Farm

Winter is for Willow!
Happy New Year, 2022! I try to use the winter to dream, visualize and make an action plan with intention. I am already working on the farm plan this year!  One of the crafts I have always been interested in is basket...
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Got Allergies? Nettles!
Howdy Folks, In just four weeks my nettles patch is 4ft tall! Nettles are packed with vitamins, minerals, and even protein! Did you know we make our spring zing tincture from the nettles plant? Not so subtle hint, I know......
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Most Popular Podcast Episodes
Hi Folks, I wanted to share a few of our most popular podcast episodes. We are discussing herbs that we use here at Sister Sage. I hope that every day of your holiday season is filled with joy! Enjoy! Marc...
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