Dispatches From The Farm

Most Popular Podcast Episodes
Hi Folks, I wanted to share a few of our most popular podcast episodes. We are discussing herbs that we use here at Sister Sage. I hope that every day of your holiday season is filled with joy! Enjoy! Marc...
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Podcast Episode #44 Dream On
Hi Folks, this week we decided to do a short podcast discussing our product Dream On. We are talking about our process of growing herbs and making this tincture. So join us! (This show is only 7 minutes long).... Wishing...
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Abe Lincoln Used A Hops Pillow!
Hi Folks, we just finished our new episode on hops! This amazing plant is not only great for your favorite beer, but it's amazing medicine too! Herbalist Michael Moore states" Hops has five basic effects on the body. As a...
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