Wise Crack Skin Balm - Our Rebranded Hand Balm

Wise Crack Skin Balm - Our Rebranded Hand Balm

Well, right around Black Friday we got a letter from a fella telling us that he had trademarked the name Busted Knuckle and he wanted us to stop using the name.... Uh Oh!

Graciously he allowed us to continue selling on Amazon until the end of the year, and use up the balance of our products already labeled. But we had to figure out what to call it! ALL the amazing names seemed to be already taken "say & search" became a daily brainstorming project. Not only did it have to be a great name in keeping with the spirit of our other product's names but my brother Eddie and my other employees had to hear it and say it all day long- so it couldn't be too cheesy.

Along about the end of December another friend of mine who is a wise cracking jokester, marketing genius, and luckily for us a great friend. He blurted out "Wise Crack" and it stopped me in my tracks! Perfect.

So, Just in time for "The Year of the Washing of your hands"... we are unveiling our newest product Wise Crack Skin Balm! Smooth over the rough edges!

Be Well!

Cheers- Jayne