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What's The Difference Between Essential Oil & Infused Oil

Jayne explains the difference between essential oil and infused oil. Listen up!

Podcast: THC vs CBD Constituents

Hi Folks, in this podcast we are discussing THC vs CBD. We will talk about how the body responds to both constituents...

Talking About Saint John's Wort

Be the first to hear our new podcast! We are talking about all things plant medicine, Today we are featuring one of m...

New Sister Sage Podcast!

Hey Folks, we are testing out a new and easy way for us to podcast. Here's our 20 second intro. Stay tuned...We are g...

Making Rope/Chord Using Nettles!

I am discussing how to make chord/rope using nettles! Check it out...

Adult Nettles Plants!

I am discussing the adult nettles plant here on Longfellows Creek in West Seattle. Also, the thumbnail photo you are ...

Finally We Are Live!

After months of work we finally get to share our beautiful new home on the internet! I would love some feedback. Than...

New Website Right Here!

Hi Folks! Thanks for checking in with us and happy 2018! Here's our new website. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for maki...

Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants by Scott Kloos

I admit it. Books are my teachers. I had the pleasure of seeing Scott Kloos speak at the Portland Plant Medicine gath...

Notes on The Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

Hi Folks, This is Marc Fendel (Jayne’s partner.) Just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you who received email...
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