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Hiking For Arnica!

Hi Folks, we were hiking for arnica last week and decided we would do a short podcast from Snoqualmie Pass! Just an h...

Learn About Holy Basil

Hey Folks! Check out our new podcast episode. I would love to get some feedback on how we can improve this podcast? P...

Plants Of Mt Rainier!

In this episode we are discussing some of the interesting plants that we saw just two weeks ago at Mt Rainier Nationa...

Wild Lettuce: Great Herb For Teens

Hey folks! Check out owner Jayne Simmons' new podcast episode on Wild Lettuce! This plant has been used for generatio...

Ashitaba Ancient Longevity Plant!

Hi folks, check out our new podcast episode on an ancient plant from Japan called Ashitaba. It is a fascinating plant...

New Podcast! Raspberry Plant

Hey folks check out our new podcast on the Raspberry plant. Learn how to make tea, harvest the leaves, how to prune...

Angel Oak: The Beloved Tree Of South Carolina

On Johns Island just outside of Charleston, South Carolina there is a tree that is perhaps the oldest thing east of t...

Owner Jayne Simmons Talks About Her Teachers

Hi Folks, we recorded this podcast with owner Jayne Simmons talking about some of her most important influencers in t...

What's The Difference Between Essential Oil & Infused Oil

Jayne explains the difference between essential oil and infused oil. Listen up!

Podcast: THC vs CBD Constituents

Hi Folks, in this podcast we are discussing THC vs CBD. We will talk about how the body responds to both constituents...
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