Dispatches From The Farm

Our Farm Bursting With Arnica!
Hi Folks, Our herb sanctuary is bursting with arnica. The steady rains here provided beautiful rows of arnica this summer. Tomorrow we'll be chopping down the grass and harvesting arnica flowers. We might even do a little Facebook Live just...
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Nettle: Easy to Find & Super Nutritious!
The stinging nettle plant is very common to the Pacific Northwest and grows wild on Sister Sage farm. When harvesting we take special care, wearing thick gloves and long sleeves because as the name suggests, the nettles have a tiny...
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Winter is for Willow!
Happy New Year, 2022! I try to use the winter to dream, visualize and make an action plan with intention. I am already working on the farm plan this year!  One of the crafts I have always been interested in is basket...
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