A moment of gratitude to the former Japanese Strawberry Farmers of Vashon Island

I would like to honor the Mukai family and the other Japanese farmers who tended my farm in the 1920's until March 24th,1942 when they were interned in concentration camps.  I would like to encourage all of you to do some research on the effects of those incarcerations. 

They did not return to farm the particular piece of land that I now farm on, nor did the other thriving businesses that ferried goods directly from Vashon producers to The Pike Place Market continue after world war 2. Every few years I refresh the strawberry plantings and think of how wonderful it must have been to grow up among the strawberry fields of Vashon Island.

The first year I had access to the farmland, 2002, I planted the Elder tree in their honor and I found a horseshoe. I wondered what the horse looked like, if the person walked behind them and if they were buddies or if the horse had specific varieties of apples they liked over others, no doubt also grown on the farm... I felt lucky to have a chance to continue agriculture in that same spot!

I am so happy to be starting my 20th year as an herb farmer and I am so grateful to all those who helped me on the journey to where I am now. (That includes you!)


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