Hawthorn: Sharp Thorns and Sweet Berries
Hawthorn trees grow on the Sister Sage herb farm. We often trim the overgrown or outstretching branches to benefit the tree and to meet our needs. This must be done with thick gloves and durable tools because the thorns are...
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Wise Crack Launch Day!
Hi folks, I hope this short post finds you in good health! A few months back we got a cease and desist from another company with a similar name to Busted Knuckle. We didn't intentionally rip off someones brand. What...
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Free Shipping - Spring Sale!
Hi Folks, We decided to do free shipping for the last day of the month! Just use coupon code: SPRING20 It's that easy. Wishing you all a great weekend! Jayne, Marc & Sister Sage Crew
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