Wise Crack Launch Day!

Wise Crack Launch Day!

Hi folks,

I hope this short post finds you in good health!

A few months back we got a cease and desist from another company with a similar name to Busted Knuckle. We didn't intentionally rip off someones brand. What a time to rebrand. But hey, here we are! What was once Busted Knuckle is now Wise Crack Skin Balm. If you have been constantly washing your hands or have dry skin, give Wise Crack a try. Thanks for your support. If you have been keeping up with us, I am sure you know that our business has been effected by Corona Virus. The Pike Place Market is shut down. That was 80% of our business. So every order truly keeps us alive. Thanks so much for your support!

To your health, Marc & Jayne & Ayla and help from Inbox Attack and Seller Slice

PS Free Shipping: Use Coupon Code: WISECRACK all weekend.

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