This is a picture of our Family Gift Pack that includes our entire line of tinctures and three each of our balms. 14 items will ship out and with this package you will get free shipping as well.

Family Gift Pack!

Regular price $250.00

This gift pack has something for everyone on your gift list! You get one of each of our tinctures and three of each balm. Our entire line. That's 14 products! Perfect for gifting to a whole family or individually. From our family to yours!

The Family Gift Pack contains:

One each of our herb extractions (tinctures) Dream On, Holy Mama, Zzz's Please, Peace & Love, Zen Tonic, Spring Zing, Echinacea Bitters, and Cough it Up. We use a mixture of certified fair trade glycerin and locally made alcohol in our formulas! 

Three each of our herb infused balms: Wise Crack Skin Balm and Weekend Warrior Muscle Balm. We use local bees wax and certified fair trade shea butter in our Balms!

We would be happy to send this directly to another household/ office as a gift.

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